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UK Familiarisation Lessons

UK Familiarisation Lessons

Our UK familiarisation lessons equip international drivers with the knowledge and skills needed to drive confidently on UK roads.

NENA Driving School provides UK Familiarisation Driving Lessons in Sutton, Kingston, Twickenham and South West London.

UK familiarisation course is the perfect choice for those looking to adapt to a new driving environment quickly and safely. Our lessons meet the specific needs of international drivers new to the UK. We help to understand UK traffic rules, road signs, and driving etiquette. We aim to build the confidence and competence required to drive on UK roads.

At NENA Driving School, we offer a professional and personalised experience. We understand that every driver has unique requirements, and our instructors take the time to assess your individual needs. With their expert guidance, you gain a deep understanding of UK road regulations and develop essential defensive driving techniques to ensure your safety and that of others on the road.

Our course combines practical driving lessons with theoretical instruction. We offer a well-rounded learning experience. During your course, we familiarise you with various road scenarios. You become familiar with UK driving techniques such as roundabout navigation, driving on the left-hand side, and dealing with challenging weather conditions.

Qualified Instructors

Flexible Scheduling

Comprehensive Curriculum

Safe & Modern Vehicles

Affordable Packages

Ongoing Support

NENA Driving School provides UK Familiarisation Driving Lessons in Twickenham, Sutton, Kingston and South West London areas.

At NENA Driving School, all our manual and automatic cars are equipped with dual controls for maximum safety. Whether you prefer a male or female driving instructor, our qualified, professional, and friendly instructors help you develop the skills and confidence you need to become a competent and proficient driver. Our driving lessons are for learners of all backgrounds and ages.

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